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Other social initiatives

Under the terms of an agreement between the two entities, the PROSUMA Group provides XOF 15 million in funding every year for three (3) study bursaries at leading international graduate schools.

UNAFEHCI (Union Nationale des Femmes Handicapées de Côte-d’Ivoire) is the Yvory Coast National Union for Disabled Women. It was formed in April 2006 and currently has a membership of 400 hearing-impaired, sight-impaired and physically disabled women.
Its core objectives are to bring together the disabled women of Yvory Coast as a group, work to defend their interests and contribute to their reintegration into society, the world of work and financial independence.
The organisation plans to build a training centre that will incorporate a hairdressing salon, a clothing workstore, a shoe repair workstore, a cybercafé and a children’s nursery.
In addition to providing free purchase vouchers worth XOF 500,000 every year, PROSUMA also supplies the organisation with computer equipment and is committed to equipping its new centre within the next two (2) years.
In total, PROSUMA provides the centre with XOF 1.5 million in support every year.

This not-for-profit organisation provides support for healthcare (through the provision of speech therapy for hearing-impaired people and initiatives to combat certain endemic diseases), education (through the construction of schools and provision of support for disabled children), housing and socio-economic issues (providing support for disaster victims, etc).
Having no source of turnover of its own, this organisation has built relationships with a number of companies, including Prosuma, which provides it with a monthly delivery of supplies to support its programmes. This support totals XOF 1.2 million per year.

Founded in 1948, BICE implements projects to protect children who are exploited sexually or by work, street children, children in prison and those affected by war, as well as disabled children. It also develops and puts forward proposals for child-related policy.
PROSUMA supports BICE with donations of rice, fruit juice, milk, oil, mineral water and other essentials valued at XOF 1 million per year.

Formed in 2007, LIMANYA is an international NGO whose work is carried out by volunteers with the support of donors and institutions. Its mission is to promote the wellbeing of children, and particularly the youngest children, by providing them with practical support and working to defend their rights.
This NGO is supported in its mission by Prosuma, which provides the organisation with a wide variety of supplies, including pasta, baby milk and nappies.

Like all the other beneficiaries, the Al Muwassat NGO is a not-for-profit organisation. Its purpose is to provide food for hospital patients. It is supported in its work by PROSUMA through the donation of food for the hospitals of Bouaké, Yopougon, Man and Treichville.
This support represents a donation of XOF 1 million per year.


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