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The Cash Ivoire franchisee network

Cash Ivoire


The creation of the Cash Ivoire medium supermarket chain at the end of 1997 required the creation of a new legal entity : the Compagnie de Distribution de Franchise Ivoirienne (or CODEFI), which was later absorbed by Prosuma in 2006.

Working in partnership with the Ivory Coast Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the purpose of this company is to enable Ivorian retailers to access the mass retail sector with the support of an experienced partner : Prosuma.

Cash Ivoire stores are small supermarkets located in major population centres and smaller communities. Those in Abidjan are often located at the heart of individual communities, and act as local mini-markets. By operating this way, they benefit from help with setting up their businesses, as well as assistance with administrative issues and sales policy. In terms of communication, they also take part in many of the Group’s sales and advertising campaigns.

To provide much more streamlined management of the chain, all Cash Ivoire outlets are computerised since 2012.

There are currently 24 Cash Ivoire franchises in operation, two of which is inland, but as the current trend in food retailing in Côte-d’Ivoire moves away from the traditional ‘Mauritanian’ store model, Prosuma is currently considering extending the network. This approach is supported by a dynamic sales, administrative and financial management policy.

So were developed Cash Express franchises, which have the same profil as Cash Ivoire, but with a selling area of less than 100 m². The Group has currently opened 3.

PROSUMA also brings strong assistance to Ivorian storekeepers who want to develop their own business. Its the occasion for them to join a modern distribution channel with an experienced collaborator.


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