HIV prevention and treatment support for Group employees: COSIP


COSIP is the Prosuma ‘Comité de Lutte Contre le Sida’ (AIDS Committee). This internal Group committee organises the annual CARAVANE COSIP initiative, in which a caravan tours company locations offering information and voluntary screening.

The committee is fully supported by the Group senior management team, which meets all the costs involved in :

  • the screening of employees, their spouses and children
  • the purchase of chemoprophylactic medication
  • the purchase of antiretroviral (ARV) medication
  • all laboratory tests required by people identified as HIV positive

In addition to this support, the Group senior management team also funds :

  • HIV/AIDS training and seminar sessions
  • the purchase of condoms and other resources required for COSIP to carry out its work

In 2010, it represented XOF 4.64 million (€ 8.700).




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