CSR engagement



  1. Health and safety


  • Quality managers are assigned to sites to promote employee health and safety at work.
  • Monitoring accidents and proposing corrective measures: systems for collecting accidents or near-accidents, analyzing causes and proposing preventive measures.
  • Personal protective equipment: verification of the use of PPE to improve the protection of employees in the performance of their duties.
  • Hygiene Committee: appointment of representatives at all our sites and monitoring of safety indicators.


  • Hand washing: reinforcement of awareness campaigns.
  • Body hygiene: communication in the in-house newsletter and in washrooms.
  • General training for staff members and specific training for each trade.
  1. Human resources

Working conditions

  • Compliance with labor laws and collective bargaining agreements: scrupulous observance of legal provisions and collective bargaining agreements.
  • Social dialogue: monthly meetings with social partners.


  • In-house training schools (École Boucherie, Académie Mandarine, cash registers).
  • A pool of in-house trainers to enable employees to acquire all the skills they need to perform their jobs.

Equal opportunities

  • Career development and skills enhancement: priority given to internal skills when filling vacancies
  • Fight against all forms of discrimination in hiring, remuneration and career development: through the assistance of the Agence Emploi Jeunes and other local agencies in the process of recruitment tests, career development tests and the existence of a remuneration scale consistent with job classification.
  • Signing of the Diversity Charter: promoting multiculturalism in order to draw on our differences and complementarities, and the creativity needed to succeed together.
  • Fight against harassment and smoking in the workplace: an ethics committee has been set up to counter moral and sexual harassment and smoking.
  • In-house newsletter and annual staff meetings: disseminating information and exchanging views on crucial issues affecting the company and employees’ future.


1. La Mutuelle médicale des agents du Groupe Prosuma (MUMAP)
The Mutuelle Médicale was created in 2000 by the Group. Managed by a Board of Directors, Mumap is committed to providing quality health insurance and technical services to its employees. After an initial contribution from General Management, the mutual was able to become self-sufficient to the point of having a surplus (nearly a billion FCFA). The mutual manages 4 funds, including :

  • FOSOM (Fonds de Solidarité Mutualiste): assistance of 100,000 FCFA for exceeding hospitalization ceilings, and 50,000 FCFA for eyewear.
  • FAMU (Mutual Insurance Fund): assistance with medical costs > or = 1,000,000 FCFA.
  • FRAM (Fonds de Retraite d’Assurance Mutuelle): medical coverage for retired employees and their families.
  • COSIP (Comité de Lutte Contre le SIDA Prosuma): 100% medical care for infected employees and their families, awareness-raising caravans, free distribution of condoms.
  1. Medical care for employees

    The Group has set up a dynamic health team in a medical-social center: occupational physicians, a pediatrician, nurses, a midwife, care assistants and orderlies. Social workers also complete the team. As well as providing day-to-day care, the center organizes cervical cancer vaccination campaigns and annual medical check-ups. By 2023, the mutual plans to build a fully-equipped clinic, much to the delight of the staff.


The Prosuma Group is strongly committed to social activities focusing on education, health and sport, both for its own employees and for social organizations.

  1. Group weddings : encouraging employees to regularize their marital status. To date, Prosuma has helped 300 employees get married (from 2005 to 2021).
  2. Christmas tree : distribution of gifts by Prosuma’s Santa Claus during a fun-filled day. Nearly 300 children/year benefit from this program.
  3. School scholarships : school scholarships are awarded to the children of the most deserving employees (primary and secondary cycles). The Group also offers 3 scholarships (management degree) for the Université des Lagunes.
  4. Sports Committee : organization of inter-store and inter-company soccer competitions, demonstrating the great enthusiasm shown by our agents.
  5. Amicale des Agents de Prosuma (AMAPROS): Prosuma is a big family. As a result, employees have joined forces to support each other in good times and bad (death assistance, vouchers for newlyweds). What’s more, the amicale meets every 2 years for a dance, to which management also contributes.



With its core business in mass retailing, the Prosuma Group undertakes various social actions for its employees and civil society. The aim of these civic actions is to improve the lives of Ivorians. In this way, Prosuma affirms its social responsibility and its commitment to its fellow citizens.

Numerous projects are carried out throughout the country, supporting the following areas of intervention :

  • Help for children
  • Help for the disabled
  • Social and cultural initiatives


  1. Help for children

Bingerville Orphanage

The Prosuma Group’s support for the Bingerville boys’ orphanage consists mainly of in-kind donations, in particular school supplies and an end-of-year party for nearly 250 children.

EMSF (Enfance Meurtrie Sans Frontière)

This organization for disadvantaged children has the same prerogatives as the Bingerville boys’ orphanage. However, it is not under the supervision of the Ministry of Education, but depends directly on the international management of EMSF, represented in Côte d’Ivoire by Mrs. Augustine Wagramale, who is in charge.

The PROSUMA Group supports its action by delivering food to the children on a monthly basis.

BICE (Bureau International Catholique de l’Enfance)

Founded in 1948, BICE works to defend the dignity and rights of children, and to protect them against all forms of exploitation (sexual exploitation, child labor, street children, children deprived of their freedom, children who are victims of armed conflict, disabled children, etc.).

Prosuma’s support for BICE consists of in-kind donations.


The mission of this NGO is to work for the well-being of children, particularly young children, to assist them and to fight for their rights.


In carrying out its mission, the NGO is helped by Prosuma, which provides food and hygiene products.

Mission d’amour

Mission d’amour is a non-profit, non-governmental organization whose mission is to help newborn babies whose mothers die in childbirth, and to combat maternal mortality. The Prosuma Group provides support by supplying food.

T.B.O. is a sports club with a particular focus on rugby. Its social mission is to educate and support children through sporting activities. PROSUMA supports its actions by allocating an annual budget.

Lions Club

This association works in the fields of health, education, housing and socio-economic development.

Prosuma provides monthly food deliveries to ensure the smooth running of its programs.

  1. Help for people with disabilities

Sourire un jour

The Sourire un jour Association is an organization dedicated to providing free care to underprivileged patients suffering from severe cervico-facial pathologies and other malformations (NOMA), all of which require reconstructive surgery.

An annual budget is allocated to this association.

UNAFEHCI (Union Nationale des Femmes Handicapées de Côte-d’Ivoire)

With 400 members, UNAFEHCI brings together people with hearing, sight and motor disabilities.

In addition to the vouchers offered each year, the Prosuma Group also provides computer equipment for its two centers.

NGO Al Muwassat

Like the other beneficiaries, the NGO Al Muwassat is a non-profit organization that helps hospital patients to feed themselves. Prosuma supports the organization with food donations.

  1. Social and cultural actions

BENIAH scholarships

The BENIAH INTERNATIONAL Foundation works to promote excellence and enhance skills. Under an agreement between the 2 entities, the Prosuma Group helps finance three (3) scholarships each year for students at leading international schools.

Library for all

A library promotes literacy and learning, opens up the world of books to children and guarantees access to knowledge. With the same vision and commitment to the same cause, the Prosuma Group is involved in this project.

The Nawa Library

The Prosuma Group provides the Nawa with a financial grant and a number of books, enabling it to expand its youth collection.

L’Université des Lagunes

In a bid to keep pace with new managerial trends, the Prosuma Group has decided to help train the top executives of Ivorian society.

The aim of the project is to train local managers of the highest calibre, helping them to master the most effective methods and tools in business management and enabling them to enter the world of work quickly, with an excellent international outlook.

NGO Centre Omega

The NGO CENTRE OMEGA is a non-profit organization that helps women and girls in difficulty in the underprivileged Gonzague district of Abidjan.

The Prosuma Group helps this NGO by providing food.


  1. Areas of intervention

Projects wishing to benefit from Groupe Prosuma support must first check that they are consistent with the following areas of intervention :

  • Children’s aid
  • Help for people with disabilities
  • Social and cultural initiatives
  • Encouraging employees’ social and sporting activities
  1. Eligibility criteria

To be considered by the Prosuma Group, all applications must meet the following two criteria :

  • fall within one of the Prosuma Group’s areas of intervention
  • Eligibility of the applicant

Any legal entity working in the field of general interest may submit a project.

Associations governed by the French law of 1901, NGOs and any non-profit organization with a social or solidarity-based vocation may apply for assistance from the Groupe Prosuma.

The structure’s articles of association and official documents must be attached to the project, which must be structured and complete.

The Prosuma Group examines projects that present :

  • Concrete objectives whose results can be evaluated and observed ;
  • A detailed budget (resources/expenditure) ;
  • A precise schedule and deadline ;
  • A specific location ;
  • Project sustainability

Prosuma prefers to support sustainable projects, whose action and effects are spread over time. In the case of micro-initiatives, the Group’s support must enable the structure behind the project to develop in the long term, or to perpetuate its actions.

  1. Submitting applications

Applications can be submitted to the Prosuma Group throughout the year. After checking that your project meets the eligibility criteria, you can submit your application directly to the following address : contact@infoprosuma.ci

Paper applications are not accepted.

The application must include the following information :

  • Presentation of the organization and its values
  • Articles of association and official documents
  • Presentation of the project (see point 2.3)
  • Reasons for applying to Prosuma
  • Review of previous years’ activities, with supporting photos, press kit, etc.


  1. Project selection


A project selection committee meets according to the number of projects submitted. An answer is given within two weeks.


Selection criteria enable the Commission to rank projects in a transparent manner.


Environmental protection

  • Training: since 2014, we have been raising employee awareness of the dangers of plastic bags in terms of environmental protection and health.
  • Green tills: green tills have been set up in all Group stores.
  • Green craft stands: stands are often graciously made available to the Ministry of Crafts to promote reusable bags produced by craftswomen in Côte d’Ivoire.
  • Sorting and recycling our waste.
  • Donation of our WEEE for recycling: partnership with MTN during their WEEE recovery campaign.
  • Broadcasting of documentary films: broadcasting of educational reports on the environment and nature protection to staff children, schools, partner companies, etc.
  • Communication: implementation of a communication campaign on all sites.


Dissemination of best practices

  • Establishment of a Supplier Charter and a Service Provider Charter: in order to raise awareness of the principles of sustainable development and CSR, all new suppliers of goods and services must sign this charter. Former suppliers are also approached.
  • Participation in national and international CSR networks: the Group is a member of the CGECI CSR Commission, the MINESUDD CSR indicators working group, the Afrik’OM CSR network, etc.
  • Good practices: 41 good practices reported in 2014, 42 in 2015 and 46 in 2016.
  • Stakeholders: training in CSR, workplace safety and food safety for our franchisees and other stakeholders.
  • Social business: development of female entrepreneurship to combat the informal sector, strong societal and social impact (Miniprix).


Our organizational charter and Code of Ethics were drawn up at a seminar attended by all Group managers and employee representatives, with a view to uniting them around shared values that reflect the spirit of the Prosuma Group. They are disseminated through brochures, posters and the in-house newsletter, which features a different value in each issue.

  1. Integrity and honesty
    • We act transparently with our customers, suppliers and partners.
    • We reject any value that could influence our decisions or encourage illegal conduct.
    • We comply with the law
    • We proscribe any activity that could cause a conflict between our personal interests and those of the company.
  2. Loyalty, Justice and Fairness
    • We take daily care in our actions to preserve our image and that of the company.
    • We promote every opportunity for development in the workplace, with equal competence, regardless of gender, race, political or religious affiliation.
    • We always act in the best interests of the company.

  3. Confidentiality and responsibility
    • We protect and/or make good use of tangible assets (money, cars, telephones, IT equipment, etc.) and intangible assets (trade secrets, reputation, etc.).
    • We protect confidential information (pricing strategies, business notes and e-mails, personnel files, medical secrecy, passwords, etc.).
    • We assume the implications of our actions and words

  4. Image, courtesy and communication
    • We welcome everyone with a smile, despite situations that may test our judgment.
    • We reassure people with our clean work clothes, good physical appearance and quality service spirit.
    • We take account of our customers’ expectations, and strive to satisfy them ethically and lawfully.
    • We communicate accurate and reliable information on the nature and quality of products, services and prices.

  5. Respect work instructions, laws, rules and regulations
    • We use the right equipment and handle it properly
    • We respect the dignity and privacy of all persons.
    • We guarantee a working environment free from discrimination and harassment.
    • We are not complicit in fraudulent acts.

  6. Sociability and Community Commitment
    • We always work to reduce social disparities
    • We raise awareness of the need to respect the environment through our example and all means of communication.
    • We contribute to the country’s development through sport, culture, education, etc.

  7. Teamwork
    • We pass on our knowledge, know-how and interpersonal skills to ensure the company’s long-term future.
    • We pool our ideas and strengths to move forward
    • We communicate on our daily work to improve visibility and synergy.
    • We work together because we demonstrate moral values, excellence and integrity.

  8. Service, environmental and product quality
    • We offer quality products on our shelves
    • We guide, advise and direct our customers in their choices
    • We guarantee a safe and healthy environment

9. Players’ commitments
The Code of Good Business Conduct requires the involvement of all stakeholders in our organization. They undertake to respect it, to be faithful to its various principles, to carry out each of their activities with probity, and to work together to uphold the fundamental values of the Prosuma Group.




Award of excellence for the best company providing decent jobs



Award for excellence in domestic trade

2nd prize for the best job-creating company



Award of excellence for the best company in domestic trade



Award of excellence for the best company in domestic trade

2nd prize for the best job-creating company



Award of excellence for the best job-creating company

This prize was awarded by His Excellency Mr. President of the Republic to Prosuma for its development policy that enables the creation of Jobs for the Ivorian Economy.



Award for the best BEL Afrik'OM CSR initiative

Award for the CSR performance of BEL distributors in Sub-Saharan Africa and Overseas.



Award of excellence for the best eco-citizen company

Awarded by His Excellency Mr. President of the Republic, with the criteria of distinction “Being committed to a sustainable development approach reconciling economic competitiveness; social aspects (job creation, social integration, etc.); compliance with environmental standards (fight against all forms of pollution, preservation of biodiversity); having demonstrated creativity and technological innovation, particularly concerning plastic bags”.



Award for the best BEL Afrik'OM CSR initiative

Awarded for the CSR performance of BEL distributors in Sub-Saharan Africa and Overseas, based on the following criteria :

  • Initiation of a major social project for women from disadvantaged backgrounds (MINIPRIX) ;
  • HIV AIDS prevention and therapeutic support for employees ;
  • Full coverage of expenses related to the death of a company member ;
  • Support for orphanages ;
  • Various social actions (assistance and support).


Award for excellence in employment

Awarded by His Excellency Mr. Le Président de la République, with the criteria of “Having an innovative recruitment policy; expressing recruitment needs (internships or direct job offers) to AGEPE and approved labor placement firms and keeping employees in employment”.