A genuine logistics approach

Given the special nature of the Group, its business sectors and its continual expansion, its specialist logistics organisation is of prime strategic importance. By structuring the optimum circulation of products and information, Prosuma is able to ensure that all its businesses are closely linked and complement each other. This combined management and quality policy affects and involves every Group function.

The modernisation initiatives put in place in recent years have led to the development of a powerful logistics chain in which buyers, suppliers, warehouses and stores are all inextricably linked to each other.

The importance to the Group of its warehousing and logistics operation is clear, and the task of managing the supply chain for the entire network of stores is an extremely complex one. As a result of implementing procedures built around a powerful and reliable information system, the Group is able to guarantee that all its outlets receive smooth flows of information and deliveries, at the same time as reducing storage costs and ensuring optimum efficiency at every stage in the logistics chain.

This overall approach confirms the commitment of the Group to provide the best-possible service to its end customers as a result of rationalised storage areas, warehouse temperature control and a process of continual improvement in goods transport



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