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In numbers

  • The uncontested leader of distribution in French-speaking Africa
  • An active presence in Ivory Coast
  • 20 trademarks
  • 153 shops (including those operated by franchisees and subsidiary companies)
  • 2 central purchasing departments
  • 1 network of franchisees
  • More than 2,500 employees
  • Reported pre-tax turnover for 2015 (excluding franchisees and subsidiary companies) of 208.5 billion XOF(approximately 317.86 million €)
  • Diverse range of subsidiary companies


The group

  • Expert control of the mass retail sector
  • Logistics control
  • Overall approach to sector-related skills
  • Strong experience abroad
  • A wide range of activities
  • A pioneering and leading Group in Côte d'Ivoire
  • For the purpose of its own development and the development of local staff and management, we are focussing increasingly on African values and drivers, so as to ensure better adequacy between the company and the human resources.





  • Woodin

  • Celio

  • Dune


  • Patchi

  • Patchi