Human potential

People, the driving force behind Prosuma's growth

Managing 19 distinct trademarks, 130 sales outlets (including franchisees and subsidiary companies) and coordinating the activities of more than 2,500 employees demands a stable organisational structure and great attention to detail in the widest sense of the term.

The financial stability of the Group and its ability to make substantial investment in its business are, of course, fundamental factors in favour of its continual growth, but it is the pride taken by its people in making their contribution to this marvellous adventure that will provide the long-term driving force behind the growth of Prosuma.

Everyone involved is profoundly aware of the basic principles that underpin efficiency, personal responsibility and team spirit. The assurance that every person will have access to the technical resources required to do their work effectively keeps problems to an absolute minimum, at the same time as ensuring an impressive level of responsiveness.

The Group’s commitment to its people and the in-service training opportunities it offers mean that everyone has a very real prospect of developing their careers, including the option to learn new job-related skills.

This major strength gives the company one of the lowest staff turnover rates in the industry.



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