Support for orphanages

The Bingerville orphanage for boys

Established in 1910, this orphanage currently looks after 245 resident children. Its missions include :

  • providing for the nutritional, health, teaching, psychological, educational and job training needs of the children in its care
  • working with the relevant social services to facilitate the integration of orphans into society and the world of work, either within their own families or through adoption and/or sponsorship

Every year, PROSUMA supports all these children by providing new school supplies and equipment at the beginning of the school year in September. A Christmas party is also organised for the children.

In total, the PROSUMA Group provides support of XOF 2 million every year.




The Bassam orphanage run by EMSF

EMSF (Enfance Meurtrie Sans Frontières) is an international NGO dedicated to providing humanitarian support for children in distress through the provision of protection, healthcare and education. Its head office is in France (Montpellier) and its African office in Abidjan.

The orphanage at Bassam provides a home for 38 children. It is supported in achieving its objectives by Prosuma, which provides the orphanage with basic essentials (rice, sugar, oil, flour, insecticides, detergents, clothes, etc.) at the end of every month. The annual value of these contributions is more than of XOF 2 million.