For its African expansion, the prestigious FNAC has chosen to rely on the Prosuma Group. In early September 2015, Prosuma signed with the French distributor of cultural products and high technology partnership agreement that allows the Ivory Coast to welcome for the first time in Africa the company’s stores. The name FNAC replaced in November 2015 Mediastore brand, created by the Group in 2000. This strategy allows the Group to expand its offer.

« The new products and services that will be offered with the opening of these two Fnac stores will allow Ivorian consumers, conscious cultural enrichment, to find an adequate response to their needs. Thus, our country, Côte d’Ivoire marks a new step towards excellence», says Prosuma‘s Chairman and Director. «Our ambition is to remain a reference, an example for the Ivory Coast. We are in constant search of innovations, to give the best to our customers. It is our ambition but also unevéritable requirement vis-à-vis ourselves. »

 Livre (25 000 références)  Papeterie  Presse
 Smartphones  Objets connectés  High Tech
 Vidéo   Jeux vidéo  Photo
 Son-Hifi  Musique  Télévision

True cultural space, the store regularly offers opportunities for local and international artists, including through art exhibitions, book signings and musical entertainment.

A second store FNAC opened in late February 2016 in  CAP NORD.

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