Prosuma celebrates one year of Casino Mandarine

Prosuma celebrates one year of Casino Mandarine
The inauguration ceremony of the first Casino Mandarine store took place at the end of September 2016, at the store’s premises in Biétry, boulevard de Marseille. Since then, three other points of sale have emerged : Marcory, Cocody Danga and Koumassi.
New convenience stores
With open glass facades on the street, a palette of bright colors combined with modern gray tones, acidulous exterior blinds, studied lighting, alluring and perfectly integrated into the urban landscape, the Casino Mandarine concept has been adopted by customers ! Beyond their esthetic qualities, it is all the functionality of the surfaces and the assortment which seduce the customers. Because to meet the new expectations of urban consumers, Prosuma continues to focus on local commerce. And in this area, the welcome, the pleasure and the quality of the products remain a priority. At each point of sale, the spaces have been designed to gain depth from the entrance, which opens onto the fruit and vegetable aisles, to the crates, which adopt as soon as possible a single file system. For a warmer atmosphere, the cold furniture is closed, spots illuminate the store, circulation between the shelves is facilitated and soft floors provide better sound comfort. As far as products are concerned, the Casino Mandarine stores focus is on fresh fruit and vegetables, which are rising to the top to satisfy the most demanding customers, as well as the bakery-pastry shop and a quality butchery poultry offering.


The Academy of Proximity
“The Academy of proximity” was created at Casino Mandarine Biétry, at the time of its opening. It is a grocer training program set up by Prosuma and organizes training sessions for future managers of the nearby network. A fully equipped modern meeting room and a training room have been set up for this purpose in the store area.
A colorful birthday
To thank their customers and create even more proximity, the four Casino Mandarine stores organized a 10-day big game. The principle was simple: from September 27 to October 8 inclusive, for any purchase equal to or greater than 5,000 FCFA , customers received a flyer and were able to answer the multiple choice questionnaire of the Casino Mandarine anniversary game on the back. After verification of the contact details and the receipt by the hostess, customers were able to slip the flyer into a box provided for this purpose in the Casino Mandarine stores of BIETRY, MARCORY, COCODY DANGA and KOUMASSI. There was a total of 4 winners per day per store and each winner received a basket of CASINO products valued at 10,000 FCFA, which were awarded following a single draw on October 9, 2017. Only customers who had correctly answered the 4 questions could win a lot. In addition to the above, during the period, all holders of the loyalty card saw their points multiplied by four ! Balloons were also provided for children, as well as many small surprises in each store.
Happy birthday to the Mandarin Casino !!!